At 5 ft. 3 in., “Muggsy” Bogues had an unusual career in the NBA. Currently, the average NBA player is 6 ft. 5 in. Is it fair for two people to compete just because they’re both men, or do we need to consider other factors? Unaltered photo “Larry Johnson-Muggsy Bogues-Alonzo Mourning” by James Robert Smith on Flickr.

“Legalize Love / March to Loring Park” by Tony Webster. Although that was a slogan for the “marriage equality” campaign, equality would have been better served by asking for delegalizing marriage.

The 115th Congress freshman class. The U.S. has only closed 16.4% of the political empowerment gap between genders. Photo by Fred Schilling, U.S. House of Representatives / Public Domain.

Annie Hsia

Reader, writer, and perspective-shifter. Constantly reconsidering the known world.

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